Vinyl Record Pressing and CD duplication

Vinyl Record Pressing and CD duplication

Vinyl Record Pressing and CD duplication

Alpha Music Manufacturing Corporation in Florida offers the lowest cost solution for musicians to get their music out to the public. New artists with minimal budgets are discovering that vinyl records are an excellent way to get their music distributed and sold. Musicians play through tubes instead of solid state amplifiers because the tube amps sound quality is fluid and dynamic. Records are making a comeback because they just sound warmer than digitally reproduced music on cds. Vinyl records are the marketing choice of new musicians. Low cost niche market with no commissions or download fees. People like the large graphics and contents of albums as well.

Sales of LP’s are increasing in music stores hands down. Customers are coming in and flipping through the albums looking for artists they have not yet heard. The album art is large and the value far surpasses that of a compact disk. “You actually feel ike you are buying something” say many customers.

Anyone can make a music CD at home but, pressing your own 45 or 33 is a task that your personal computer just cannot handle! Vinyl records also increase in value over time especially first release and limited editions. CD’s are seemingly disposable whereas an LP will remain in your collection for years.

Another advantage to 12 inch records is the fact that the artists have “more room” to express themselves. Inserts, album art, posters and other goodies can be stuffed right in the sleeve. These facts are actually bailing many mom and pop music stores right out of financial ruin. Is it time to buy stock in record player manufacturers? Only time will tell!

vinyl record pressing and cd duplication


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