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Manhattan, NY — August17, 2009 – Faina European Day Spa located in Manhattan has opted to offer on line discount incentive certificates in attempt to help individuals save a little money in troubled economic times. Spa treatment may be considered a luxury but, to some they are a necessary port in a storm from high stress jobs and the congestion that is the city. Faina is a well established facility with a up-scale clientele who may scoff at the idea of using a “coupon”. However, a coupon by any other name still saves enough money for lunch. Patrons of her facility have embraced the incentive certificate concept and have proven the concept works. An example can be found at The certificate was made using a web interface created by a programmer who works for The on line coupon generator is a visual interface that allows businesses to create and save multiple “coupons” to a pre configured website offered by the company Focus On Main Street (who developed the Direct Focus System).

On line coupons are becoming more popular for many reasons. One important variable resides in the distribution aspect. Many web sites look for coupons to include in their directories. Businesses that use on line coupons in the correct method are receiving a promotional value that are untouched by any other means. A business could spend thousands of dollars to gain an on-line presence. With even a single on-line coupon that is optimized for the search engines, a business could reap far more patrons through their door than by any other means, achieving that with minimal expense.

Crain’s New York – February 8, 2009

“Romance for Two”

Faina European Day Spa

This Valentine’s special will put you and your loved one in the mood for romance while keeping you warm and cozy all day. The package includes a steam shower, an aromatherapy body polish, a one-hour European body massage, and champagne-and-chocolate tret to top it off. Visit the relaxing getaway on West 57th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues in order to purchase a package, or check out other special offers on the spa’s Web site at www.’ – Maia Blume
Time Out New York – April 9, 2009

“Faina European Day Spa is one of TONY’s favorite escapes. For something a little out of the ordinary, opt for the European Purifying Facial with Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme Treatment or the seaweed Mud Paraffin Facial. or stick with the tried and the true European Body Massage”
Time Out New York – February 5, 2009

“Any excuse that might have been keeping you from pampering yourself is completly shot down here: the brief treat is not expensive, not lengthy and not inconvenient – and there no getting naked necessary. The office-size suite may be modest, but its linens are crisp and staff serenly professional. A quarter hour of temple rubbing, hair tugging and swirly head kneading feels a lot longer, and it’s mind-clearing for even the most ticklish among us. Expect a quick detour to the shoulders or forearms if you are game, but nothing’s more invasive here than what you’d experience in an awkwardly crammed L train”

“Faina European Day Spa is one of the city’s top spots offering top notch skin care …”
Time Out New York – August 7, 2008

“Faina Day Spa alleviated the frustration of my freakishly long 10am meeting. The 15-minute scalp massage–a seemingly endless series of rubs, strokes, and even strangely enjoyable hair tugs–was a godsend. The treatment even purports to stave off hair loss, a bonus for those tearing their locks out over a looming presentation or their own personal Dwight Schrutes.”
New York Magazine

“In her native Russia, she held a medical dgree, which explains her knowledge of and interest in workings of the body’s most vital organ-the skin. Today, Faina is the proprietor of a luxe Midtwon spa offering unparalleled personalized service. Add to that her years of experience studying ways to perfect the complexion, a unique dash of old-world charm, and a no-nonsense approach to beauty, and you have a day spa experience you’ll never forget”

“Faina’s facials are known city-wide; she will unclog your pores, get rid of surface dirt and dead cells, and restore a healthy, youthful glow to your complexion”
New York Magazine

“Restore youthful radiance and vitality at this private retreat nestled in the heart of Manhattan. Russian born and trained, Faina has a deep understanding of the skin”
New York Magazine

“Faina provides enough pampering to calm both skin irritation and send you snoozin.

Ross Zetter
315 W 57th St. #402
New York City, NY 10019
330 W 58th St.
Phone (212)245-6557

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